Introducing Crumble – Surf the web without being tracked!

We are happy to announce Crumble, a brand new Chrome extension designed here in the Innovation Labs. The extension, currently in beta, will prevent companies from tracking you on the Internet via cookies, without breaking the websites you visit.

You can install the extension for free from here: Crumble Chrome extension.



While this is not the first solution of its kind, we do think that our implementation makes Crumble the best solution against online cookie tracking.  Here’s why:

  • It prevents online tracking companies from creating your profile via cookies based on your online browsing
  • It is always up to date because it does not rely on a predefined list of online trackers.
  • By design, it does not offer preferential treatment to selected ad networks (unlike some other extensions)
  • It does not break the user experience on websites you visit
  • It does not hide content on the websites you visit
  • It shows instantly who is tracking you on websites

How does it work?

Crumble intercepts 3rd party cookies and controls what information is sent back to the web tracking companies, stopping trackers from following and profiling you via cookies based on the sites you visit.

Because, we control rather than block 3rd party cookies, you will get the full website experience; no broken plugins, no missing content, no weird behavior.

But wait! There’s more! Unlike other extensions that promise you a similar thing, we are doing all this by identifying the type of the cookie and not by keeping a blacklist of trackers. This allows us to block new trackers as soon as they appear. No waiting time, no updating any list. Instant action.

This also means that we do not offer preferential treatment to trackers (aka whitelist them) unlike some other extensions.


Get in touch

This is Beta release from Innovation Labs by AVG. For more info you can find FAQ section of our website.

We would also love to hear your feedback at support.innovation [@] or tweet us @avginnovation.


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