AVG Innovation Labs hosts the 1st “Privacy Tech” Meetup in Amsterdam

Last week we had the pleasure to host the 1st Privacy Tech Meetup in Amsterdam . The event was organized in collaboration with KPMG and SOLV Lawyers.

After a brief introduction from KPMG, Menno Weijs, from SOLV Lawyers, took the floor and talked about the complexities of the European law in regards to privacy. He offered practical tips to the entrepreneurs in the audience on how to handle PII (personally identifiable information) and what information is considered PII in the eyes of the law.

After that, Andi Piftor and Shaul Levi presented the latest online privacy tools developed by the AVG Innovation Labs team. The guests also got an exclusive sneak peek at some of the future projects and with a hands-on live demo. The event also served as an opportunity to launch Crumble, a brand new Chrome extension that helps users to surf the web without being tracked by cookies.

We want to thank all participants for their enthusiasm and brilliant questions, and we do hope to see everyone again at future meetups.


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