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Is the air you’re breathing posing a risk for your health? Is the UV light at dangerous levels? Is there pollen around that will trigger your allergies?

These are the some of the questions we aim to answer with AVG Air Quality.

The risks of air pollution are hidden in plain sight. Just because we don’t feel the immediate effects of the air or don’t see the mini particles, it doesn’t make them less dangerous. The compounded effect or air pollution, even in small doses, can lead to serious health risks such as cancer, chronic pulmonary diseases, and even death.

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Innovation Labs is constantly looking into new way to extend the safety of our customers, both in the online and offline world. Last year, during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we presented the AVG Invisibility Glasses, a glasses concept that uses infrared light and retro-reflective technology to prevent face detection algorithms figuring out your identity.


This year, we are exploring ways to keep our customers safe through smart air quality measurements and alerts.


According to the World Health Organization air pollution is one of the world’s ‘biggest public health issues’ with “7 million premature deaths annually linked to air pollution”.

“[Air pollution] It is an enormous cost not only in terms of mortality, but in terms of treating diseases and the costs of hospitalisation – as most of these diseases are chronic. It will also lead to less working days and a lower quality of life. There is also a role to be played on an individual level, like choosing not to take the car. I think it is a societal decision, but it is important that, as well as the Government stepping in, citizens are also informed.” – WHO’s Head of Public Health, Dr. Maria Neira

W.H.O. offers a breakdown of the devastating impact of pollution here.

We envision that a device like AVG Air Quality would help raise awareness of the air quality issue and would convince people to take action against air pollution inside and outside their homes.

So what can it measure?

The mobile device is able to determine the Air Quality Index & Allergy Index  together with 8 other different chemical compounds and environmental factors:

  • Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Ammonia (NH3)
  • Ultraviolet light index (UVI)
  • Illuminance (LUX)
  • Temperature (°C/°F)
  • Relative Humidity (RH)
  • Particulate Matter 10 (PM10)
  • Nitrogen Dioxide NO2

Air Quality Index and Allergy Index explained

An air quality index (AQI) is a number used by government agencies to communicate to the public how polluted the air currently is or how polluted it is forecast to become. In order to determine the Air quality index we analyze multiple sensor readings, such as VOC, Relative Humidity, Temperature, Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia, Nitrogen Dioxide, UV index, lux, and PM10 as wells as  sensor fusion readings given by our proprietary algorithms.

With our proprietary algorithm we provide an indication of the composition of the air and what this could mean for your health.

The allergy index is a composition of sensor measurements that indicate the probability of allergic compounds in the air. The allergy index makes use of sensor fusion to compute an index that gives you an indication of allergens in the air so that you can take actions to make the chance that you are confronted with allergens as small as possible


Where can I buy it?

We appreciate your enthusiasm, but as we mentioned, the AVG Air Quality mobile device is part of our ongoing research into new ways to extend the safety of our customers, both in the online world and offline world.


Currently this is just a prototype and we don’t have any plans launch it as commercial product.

To get in touch about this product you can contact Andi Piftor at andi (.) piftor (@) avg (.com)

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