With over 30 million installs, Alarm Clock Xtreme adds free sleep tracking to help you rest easy

Sleep is a vital human function. Getting too much or too little will leave you unable to perform at your best. Even worse, a lack of sleep over a prolonged period of time could lead to increased risk of heart disease or other life-threatening conditions.

Here at Innovation Labs we’re always looking for ways to use technology to improve our everyday lives, and considering we spend almost a third of our lives in dreamland, improving sleep quality seemed like a worthwhile challenge.

That’s why today we’re releasing a brand new sleep-tracking feature for Alarm Clock Xtreme.

Say goodbye to restless nights

With advanced alarms options, Alarm Clock Xtreme already goes the extra mile to wake you, but experts agree that waking up is much easier when you sleep well. That’s why understanding your sleeping patterns becomes key to improving your sleeping and waking lives.ACX sleep tracking

Alarm Clock Xtreme’s new sleep tracking feature will show you

  • ->Your number of sleep cycles
    ->How much time you spent in REM sleep
    ->How many nighttime disruptions you experienced

Do you get enough hours of sleep? Do you wake up too often? Install Alarm Clock Xtreme Free from Google Play store and start learning about your sleep patterns so you can know what to focus on improving.

Next step: automating your connected bedroom

Insight into your sleep habits introduces many opportunities to sleep better and live better.  Eventually we plan to integrate Alarm Clock Xtreme with connected home products to provide you with real, comprehensive bedroom automation.

See the lights turn on as you wake up, watch your screen dim when you’re working late, and hear your connected coffee machine whirring to life so your espresso is ready when you rise.

We believe the connected home starts with the connected bedroom, and the connected bedroom starts with better sleep. If you’re a fan of Alarm Clock Xtreme, we’d love to know what you think of the update and what you’d like to see in future features. We’re always listening!


Jim Dodd

With Version the problem with Android M not waking up is fixed. Unfortunately there is now another problem. You have changing the apps’ alarm volume control from STREAM_ALARM to STREAM_MUSIC. What this means it that if you reduce your Media Volume, you will also reduce all Alarm Clock Xtreme alarm volumes. Normal alarm apps use the STREAM_ALARM method. This allows the Media Volume to control media, and the Alarm Volume to control the alarms. The way it is now, if you want to selective silence you mobile, it doesn’t work properly. If you silence all but alarms (Do not disturb, Alarms only), the alarms will now not sound. If you silence alarms only, no music will play. This is NOT the intended, or wanted behavior! Thanks, Jim


Hey Jim, thanks for the feedback. I passed it on to our developers and we might follow up with a few questions 😉


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