Alarm Clock Xtreme – FAQ

I lost my widgets, how can I recover them?

Widgets can be removed from the home screen when updating from an old version of Alarm Clock Xtreme to version 5.3 or above, due to a compatibility issue. You can add the widgets to your home screen again by following this simple guide. For future updates of Alarm Clock Xtreme you can rest assured your widgets will stay in place.

How is the sleep score calculated?

Alarm Clock Xtreme scores your sleep based on the quality and the quantity of your sleep cycles. We use commonly available sleep cycle information for adults as a benchmark to score your sleep.

Where should I place the phone?

For the best results, place the phone with the screen facing up near your pillow. If you don’t sleep alone in your bed, then place it close to you but as far away from the other as convenient.

Do I need to leave the phone charging?

We recommend keeping the phone charged throughout the night when tracking your sleep. This way it doesn’t run out of power and the alarm will go off. A phone that’s between 80-100% charged should last through the night though.

Do I need an internet connection to track my sleep?

No, Alarm Clock Xtreme analyses the sensor data from your phone locally to offer you sleep analysis results without the need for an internet connection. Alarm Clock Xtreme will however need an internet connection to sync your data with our servers and help us improve our sleeping algorithms.

Can I have access to my Alarm Clock Xtreme account if I change or restore my phone?

Currently we do not ask you to create an account. So if you restore or change your phone, we won’t be able to restore your account. In the future we might add the option to create your Alarm Clock Xtreme account.

I sleep with someone else in my bed. Does that effect my sleep tracking results?

Alarm Clock Xtreme detects movement while you’re in bed to track your sleep cycles. When placing the phone correctly (see above) the impact is minimal. We’re continuously developing our algorithms and as our community of users grow, we hope to improve our results more and more.

What information does Alarm Clock Xtreme collect about me and why?

Alarm Clock Xtreme uses the data from your phone’s sensors to analyse your sleep and for no other purpose. We analyse the data locally for all our users however we do try to collect raw sensor data for some users to help us improve our algorithms. This raw data is only available to us and not shared with any third party. We can never tie this data to your identity. This data is solely collected for the purpose of improving our product so as to offer you better sleep analysis.