AVG Radar

An internal tool to understand the influence of media in our user acquisition efforts.

How did you come up with the idea?

This internal tool was born from our need to understand the influence of media coverage on our user acquisition efforts.
We came up with the idea a few weeks after we released the AVG Wi-Fi Assistant app, when we saw a sudden jump in new users that we could not relate to any advertising or PR campaign. After a quick brainstorming session and a deep-dive in the articles written about Wi-Fi assistant in the last few days, we realized that the jump in new users happened right after our app was covered in PC Magazine article.

We then decided to create a tool that would automate this process. Currently AVG Radar is used by AVG’s social media and PR team.

What are the key benefits

  • A simple timeline overview of app mentions (with back links) and new daily users

  • Filter articles by date, geography, social influence

  • Jump to a certain point in time and see all the media mentions

How does it work?

To make this possible we combine two data sources. First we look at all the web-links that point to our apps in Google Play Store. These links can be filtered by on location, social influence of the articles, language and time. Second we combine this information with our “Daily New Users” report.

This rich visual dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of all correlations between media coverage and jumps in new users.

How does it look?