Surf Without Surveillance


How does it work?

Crumble intercepts 3rd party cookies and controls what information is sent back to the web tracking companies, stopping trackers from following and profiling you via cookies based on the sites you visit. Because, we control rather than block 3rd party cookies, you will get the full website experience; no broken plugins, no missing content, no weird behavior. But wait! There’s more! Unlike other extensions that promise you a similar thing, we are doing all this by identifying the type of the cookie and not by keeping a blacklist of trackers. This allows us to block new trackers as soon as they appear. No waiting time, no updating any list. Instant action. This also means that we do not offer preferential treatment to trackers (aka whitelist them) unlike some other extensions.

What are the key benefits?

Prevents Tracking

Prevents online tracking companies from creating your profile via cookies based on your online browsing.

Seamless Browsing

Does not break the user experience or hide any content on the websites you visit.

Visible Results

Shows instantly who is tracking you via cookies on websites.

How does Crumble work?

Crumble uses a novel algorithmic approach to block third party cookies from syncing. We implement this by isolating the third party cookies within the silo of first party (the website you are visiting) blocking them from syncing when you move from one website to another.


What is Crumble?

Crumble is a Chrome Extension from Innovation Labs by AVG that protects you from third party behavioral tracking via cookies. Crumble is developed with two principles – privacy without compromise on user experience and transparency. As you browse from one website to another, your behavior is constantly tracked by various third parties. The most predominant method of third party tracking is through third party cookies. These cookies are present on a range of websites. They track your behavior – without your explicit consent in most cases. Crumble blocks the ability of these cookies to spy on you as you move from one website to another. Innovation Labs by AVG is a testing ground for experimental features that aren’t quite ready for primetime. They may change, break, or disappear at any time. Enjoy!

Why should I use Crumble?

You should use Crumble to prevent third party cookie tracking when you are browsing the web.

How do I use Crumble?

Crumble works in the background. You don’t need to take any specific actions after installing it from Chrome Store.

 Does Crumble break or degrade my browsing experience in any way?

One of the goals for Crumble was to preserve existing browsing experience. You shouldn’t notice any issues when browsing the internet. Please send us an email at if you come across any issues.

What browsers are supported on Crumble?

Crumble is supported on Google Chrome.

How will I know Crumble is working?

Crumble will show in a window at the bottom right of your tab the domains it blocks from tracking you and the ones it allows.

What do you mean by “Crumbled”?

We mean a domain has been thwarted in its plot to track you across the entire Internet.

Does Crumble block ads?

Crumble is not an ad-blocker.

How is Crumble different from other privacy extensions?

Most privacy extensions totally block third party cookies. This results in broken elements on some websites, and degradation of browsing experience. Crumble allows the third party cookies but isolates them to prevent cross-site tracking, while still preserving the browsing experience.

What are cookies anyway?

Cookies are little pieces of data stored in your web browser that can notify a website of your activity online. Some are very helpful in storing your shopping basket items and your language preferences; some snoop on you and tell about all the other websites you visit.

What is this pop-up that appears when I browse to a new page?

This pop-up is the summary of the domains on which cookies are allowed or crumbled on this page.

A number appears on the Crumble extension icon with red background. What does it mean?

It is the total number of cookies crumbled on the current website. These cookies are generated by different 3rd party domains – and each domain can generate more than one cookie

What kind of data is collected by Crumble?

We do not collect any PII (Personal Identifiable Information) or browsing history. In limited cases, when we believe that Crumble is breaking on a specific website, we collect the parent domain name in an anonymized way so we can debug and fix the issue. We do not collect any parameters or any additional data about you.

Do you sell or exchange my information?

We do not sell or exchange any information collected by Crumble.

A website is breaking because of Crumble, what should I do?

Please refer to our known issues. You can also report the website to

Do you use any white or black lists for third party trackers?

We apply same rules to all third party cookies. The only exception might be when we believe that a certain domain needs to be white-listed for user experience. If we decide to white-list any such domain, we will post the name and reason in the spirit of transparency.

If you do not collect browsing history, why did you build Crumble?

At Innovation Labs by AVG, we love to play with new technologies to deliver strong user value. Crumble is an experiment to validate users’ needs in tracker protection.

How do I disable Crumble?

To disable Crumble, you can switch “Block tracking” off.

How do I delete or uninstall Crumble?

We’re sorry to see you go! If something went wrong with your experience of Crumble, please lets us know at: To delete Crumble, right click on the Crumble icon and click “Remove from Chrome”.

Your question is not on this page?

You question is not on this page?
Send us an email at

What’s your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy can be read at

What’s your license?

Our end-user license agreement can be read at