WiFi Assistant

An app to prevent tracking & identity theft through WiFis. Helps prevent hacking and identity theft, Prevents people from tracking you, Saves battery life

How did you come up with the idea?

There is no doubt that Wi-Fi security and tracking are becoming key concerns for users worldwide. Certainly with the recent NSA leaks, security bugs like Heartbleed, and continuing with browser extensions that make it simple to hack someone on a public Wi-Fi, both the general public and media pay more and more attention to who tracks them and how safe they are when they go online.
AVG is always committed to protecting our users against these real threats.  So, we introduced Wi-Fi Assistant: a free Android app, currently offered in Beta form, which delivers advanced solutions against Wi-Fi hacking and tracking by combining Wi-Fi Automation with VPN encryption.

What are the key benefits?

  • Helps prevent hacking and identity theft

  • Prevents people from tracking you

  • Saves battery life

How does it work?

AVG’s Wi-Fi Assistant app allows you to turn on VPN encryption whenever you connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot. A VPN connection encrypts your browsing data over Wi-Fi so you can safely browse without risk of your data being hacked.  Wi-Fi Assistant is being offered with 500Mb of free VPN encryption every month for up to 5 hotspots per device.AVG’s Wi-Fi Assistant app runs in the background and actively learns cell towers near the Wi-Fi hotspots you connect to.
The app then uses this cell tower information to know when to turn your Wi-Fi on/off. By turning off your Wi-Fi connection when you don’t use it, retailers, advertising agencies and others cannot use your phone’s Wi-Fi signal track you. Also, having your Wi-Fi connection switch on only when you need it will help you save battery life.

How can I get it

As with all projects created by our team, some end up as full standing products, some become features in other AVG apps and some are just discontinued.

For the moment we decided to discontinue our work on WiFi Assistant. That is not to say, some its features won’t be available later in another AVG app.

If you are looking to a great VPN app we recommend HideMyAss for Android and iOS.

How does it look?

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