Our openings

We are looking for new colleagues to join our international team and help us bring to life our innovative ideas. If you are looking for new challenges, check our open positions below.

Developer / Software Engineer

Location: Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Firmware Engineer

Location: Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Senior Product Manager

Location: Amsterdam

What's it like working at the Innovation Labs?

In the Innovation Labs, we get to develop new concepts that broaden AVG's business. We have the freedom to go off the beaten path and look into ideas that might not always fit with AVG’s traditional business model. This means that some of the ideas become part of AVG’s portfolio as features or full blown products, but some never make it through our innovation cycle.
We can guarantee that in our fast paced startup-like environment you’ll never get bored. We always have exciting projects to take on and every member has the opportunity to propose a new research theme.
And above all, we’re a fun, friendly, international team that loves learning from each other and hang out together even after work is over.